May 4, 2009

The forgotten tax cheats

Today Obama identified another group that according to his twisted logic, has for too long not paid their 'fair share' of taxes. This time it is businesses. Just because we have about the highest business tax rate in the world (with Federal, State and Local, approximately 39%) does not count. Just because we tax businesses on foreign profits--which few to no other countries do--means nothing. They have been slackers. Just because they provide the vast majority of jobs and wealth in this country doesn't count a bit. Obama is now making sure that they will either pay what he determines is a fair tax rate, or they can leave. What do you think they will do? No company would choose Ireland, for example which only has a 10% business tax rate, over the US, right?
This is not the first time Obama has chosen to use class warfare to dupe the idiotic American public, think of his 'tax cut for 95% of Americans'. Well since less than 50% of Americans actually pay any taxes, that is a neat trick. A tax cut for those who don't pay Federal taxes is what again, exactly? And I won't even mention the 60 cents a pack the millions of smokers have to pay to fund his SCHIP program. Or the billions in new energy taxes his cap and trade scheme will collect from every single American that uses any source of energy.
And of course, all the 'rich' who make over $250,000 a year is the other group of tax cheats. They haven't been pulling their weight, either, right? I am waiting for just how much Obama thinks is a fair share of the money they work for every day. No matter how many years they scrimped and saved, how many years they went without, the high school dropout, drug dealer, welfare queen, homeless person down the street is now just as equal to the fruits of their labor. This is Obama's promise: 'a vote for me is a vote for the fruits of other peoples' sweat.'
But hasn't Obama forgotten the 50% of Americans who don't pay any federal income taxes at all? Why aren't they contributing? They use the vast majority of government services, but pay nothing? Seems to me that if it is free--as it is to them--they won't value it very much. Seems to me they have not been paying their 'fair share' for quite some time. Why exactly is it again that they should benefit from my hard work? Shouldn't they reap the benefits of their own efforts? Stealing the benefits of my sweat from me, to give to them, just makes them not try harder, and makes me no want to put forth the effort to achieve. And besides, shouldn't they have to pay something for all those goodies they get, like free health care (medicaid, SCHIP) free money (earned income tax credit) and the thousands of other ways Obama spends taxpayers money--my money--on them to buy their vote for him?

As you can see from the above, I have begun posting essentially raw thoughts. The collectivists are doing so many things to destroy America so fast, that I can't spend the time to wordsmith.