Jun 14, 2010

Ripping Off the Taxpayer. Who Do YOU Blame; DC or Wall Street?

Here is a short video (4:26) that should really get your blood boiling:

The important question here--or at least the one that truly distinguishes an individuals mindset--is 'Who do you hold most responsible?' The criminals in Washington DC or those on Wall Street? In this case I don't think that anyone can help but choose either one or the other. One perspective I choose to use is 'who is--or is not--doing their job?'
The job of Wall Street is to 'maximize shareholder value', or to put another way, make money for those who own stock in the company (Goldman Sachs, in this case) without violating any laws.
The job of the FDIC--and the politicians in Washington who hire them--is to protect taxpayer money and get the economy working again.
In this case, Goldman Sachs did their job. The taxpayer got taken to the cleaners. Again.
Just as anyone else who can spend other people's money, the politicians care more about the appearance of 'doing something' than protecting our hard earned money.
So to sum up, the politicians created the problem, and then go to Wall Street and throw more of our money away so they can look good.
I would be interested in your thoughts...