It is always darkest before the dawn...
We live at a critical juncture of American History. The threat is real.
No, it is not the chimera of 'Islamo-Fascism.' It is the loss of belief in the spirit that animates the concept of America: Liberty. America is divided. Less than half of voting age Americans consider liberty worth defending. They are only concerned with security. They have been programmed, beginning in our politically-controlled schools, to look to government to solve all their problems. Instead of being given the tools to succeed in the world today, they are increasingly spending time on social indoctrination into the mindset approved by the latest politically powerful groups. Instead of being taught individual responsibility they are taught that individual behaviors are caused by external forces. Unacceptable behavior is not within an individuals control; No longer a direct result of individual choices. Only more government can fix all these problems, we are told.
As individuals become less responsible for themselves and their behavior--and government power increases as a result--more 'bad' behaviors are acted out by individuals. We are taught that we should be more accepting and less judgmental. To attract the requisite attention, 'bad' behaviors must get more and more  outrageous. With instantaneous, 'in-depth' news coverage of every horrendous event it takes worse and worse behaviors to attract attention. The normal social mechanisms which control inappropriate individual behavior become dysfunctional since under these rules, society itself is to blame, not the individual. Again, more government is the only solution.
Since government has no mechanism to control individual or social behavior other than law, laws must be written to enforce limits on socially unacceptable behavior. Behavior which had been controlled by social mechanisms, now must be controlled by law and state power. As the distinction between social morals and law becomes indistinguishable, society as a whole suffers because lawbreaking becomes routine, and respect for the law is eroded. When socially 'bad' behaviors become a crime, respect for the law itself is destroyed.
We become a nation of lawbreakers.

Since government controls the ability to use force, they can use it on anyone. And increasingly, they are using it on Americans. There are many critical nodes that one can point to: The first use of government power to enforce 'victim-less crimes' instead of allowing social mechanisms to deter socially unacceptable behaviors; the first use of government power to facilitate  redistribution of wealth (nothing more than theft from one individual and donation to another individual--minus a hefty handling charge--based on the values and judgments of the most politically powerful group at that given time.) Or when the Federal government was first allowed to extend its powers beyond those specifically enumerated in the Constitution.
The founding fathers knew from their experiences that government is the problem; not the solution. Government when given the exclusive ability to use force is the most dangerous of creations. We are ignoring history, and it looks more and more likely that we are doomed to repeat it.

Just about half of the population pays no taxes, and are parasites on the other half. The parasites are increasingly aware of their political power, and thanks to the political panderers we have elected to represent us, are increasingly exercising that power to vote themselves the fruits of other peoples labor.

The politicians we elect are those who promise the most from government; not the least.

 The Constitution was not designed to protect us from our own stupidity; it was designed to protect us from TYRANNY!

Our politically-controlled schools have provided a populous that is only educated to know what it should demand from government; not what good government demands from them. None of the dangers, none of the shortcoming of government are inculcated. Never are the young reminded that self-government MEANS self-discipline and self-denial. Over and over they are indoctrinated with the concept that 'We are the government'; but never educated about the dire responsibilities that accompany that trite phrase.
"We the people' is thus simply used as a cover for the current set of tyrants in power.

Unleavened consequence--both positive and negative--is the best teacher; not experience. Experience is the end result of an evaluation of suffered consequences. If the consequences are mitigated or inaccurate, so to will be the experience.
So if you shake your head over the behavior of the current generation, look to the shelter we provided them from the true consequences of their actions. Their subsequent actions are the consequence of our mitigation.