Jul 26, 2016

Johnson/Weld--Just say NO!

If you haven't guessed already, I was excited about the Libertarian ticket this year. We have about the two worst possible candidates in the indistinguishable parties. Seemed the 'Perfect Storm.'

I never envisioned that Johnson could actually win, but if I was to throw my vote away (any more than I normally do, that is) on the LP candidate, at least this time he would be better than Hillary or Trump, right?

Not so. I just watched this video from ReasonTV. At about the 10:15 point you have Johnson spouting off about appointments to the Supreme Court based upon "original intent" interpretations. In the next breath, he says he will pass the decision off to Weld. Who then goes on to say how he thinks Breyer--a definitive anti-gunner--was a great choice. And how Obama's selection of Garland as Scalia's replacement was just super.

Sorry, but to me, the 2nd Amendment is about the last bastion of the Constitution (read Freedom) we have left in this country. I can't see how two people who claim to be libertarians could not understand the importance of the one fundamental liberty we have left.

I might have been able to sluff it off as a mis-statement, or a basic mis-understanding of the US Constitution, but this is the second by the Johnson ticket: The first was right after the Libertarian Convention. Johnson thought that using the powers of government to force anyone--non-government entities such as businesses and individuals included--to associate with whomever the government dictates they should--was appropriate. (In this case gay couples--but that is immaterial.)

I had high hopes, but they are Constitutionally ILLITERATE.

I guess that leaves me with Trump...