Jan 23, 2011

Video: Niall Ferguson-Fiscal Crises and Imperial Collapses: Historical Perspective

By far, this is one of the best videos I have seen regarding our current sovereign debt crisis. In May, 2010, the Peterson Institute for International Economics sponsored a lecture by Niall Ferguson, of Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics on the history of sovereign debt crises entitled: Fiscal Crises and Imperial Collapses: Historical Perspective on Current

Predicaments. Mr.Ferguson brings a unique perspective of both a historian and an economist to the issue one of the most pressing issues of the day. Some of his books are: The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World, The Cash Nexus: Money and Power in the Modern World, 1700-2000, Colossus: The Rise And Fall Of The American Empire and Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power.
This is a fantastic lecture! Ferguson lays out the indicators of a pending crisis, how historically sovereign debt crises have been addressed and which mechanisms succeded and those which failed. Please take the time to watch it.

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