Jan 29, 2011

Demonstrations in US supporting democracy in Egypt organized by ‘extremist’ groups

While reading up on the events in Egypt, my wife and I noticed that the signs used in a number of US demonstrations were very professional looking. Normally, spontaneous events—such as the tea party—have almost exclusively used hand-made signage. Not so in the demonstrations in Washington, San Francisco and New York today. There were hand-made signs, certainly, but a good number were very professional. Who made them?
After a little digging, it turns out that three organizations were responsible for those signs; ANSWER Coalition, International Action Center and the Egyptian Association For Change (EAC). Although the EAC did produce some of the printed signs, it is to be expected since they are a local chapter of Mohamed ElBaradei’s National Association for Change. Although ElBaradei’s group is left radical—they call for ‘true’ democracy and ‘social justice’—it will take a while to provide more information. I am having a bit of trouble with the translation of the web-site. (I am rusty!).
The other two organizations, ANSWER (‘Act Now to Stop War and End Racism’) Coalition and International Action Center are deeply involved and have long histories of radical and socialist/communist activities in the United States.

ANSWER Coalition has actively promoted the rallies. It even provided the signs. It has a well know radical background which includes ‘co-opting...anti-war rallies to push their larger agenda which includes ending capitalism…’ as well as their association with the Stalinist Workers World Party. ANSWER Coalition is linked with the International Action Center (IAC), which is thought to be a front group for International ANSWER, which is staffed by the Workers World Party. IAC was started by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, and its National Co-Director is Brian Becker and Western Region Co-Director Richard Becker.  Brian Becker, has been associated with the Answer Coalition, too. IAC’s radical background is documented here.
I spent a number of years living in Egypt, and I think it is a great country. Even back in the 1980’s when I was there, Mubarak’s government was corrupt. I fully support the Egyptian people’s efforts to wrest control of their destinies from the government. I just hope that they won’t be sold a bill of goods by organizations like the ANSWER Coalition and the International Action Center who want to substitute their totalitarian socialist ‘true’ democracy for  liberty. The Egyptian people deserve better than substituting one dictatorship for another.

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